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A creepy-looking coroner introduces three different horror tales involving his current work on cadavers in “body bags”.Anne is a young college student who arrives for her first job working the night shift at an all-night filling station near Haddonfield, Illinois (a reference to the setting of Carpenter’s two Halloween films). The attending worker, Bill, tells her that a serial killer has broken out of a mental hospital, and cautions her not to leave the booth at the station without the keys because the door locks automatically. After Bill leaves, Anne is alone and the tension mounts as she deals with various late-night customers seeking to buy gas for a quick fill-up, purchase cigarettes or just use the restroom key, unsure whether any of them might be the escaped maniac. Eventually, when Anne suspects that the escaped killer is lurking around the gas station, she tries to call the police, only to find that the phone line is dead. Soon after that, she finds an elaborately grotesque drawing in the Restroom and then the dead body of a transient sitting in a pickup truck on the lift in one of the garage bays. She makes a phone call for help which results in her realization that “Bill”, the attending worker she met earlier, is in fact the escaped killer, who has killed the real Bill and is killing numerous passers-by. She finds the real Bill’s dead body in one of the lockers. Serial Killer “Bill” then reappears and attempts to kill Anne with a machete, breaking into the locked booth by smashing out the glass with a sledgehammer and then chasing her around the deserted garage. Just as he is about to kill her, a customer returns, having forgotten his credit card, and he wrestles the killer, giving Anne time to crush him under the vehicle lift.Richard Coberts is a middle-aged businessman who is very self-conscious about his thinning hair. This obsession has caused a rift between him and his long-suffering girlfriend Megan. Richard answers a television ad about a “miracle” hair transplant operation, pays a visit to the office, and meets the shady Dr. Lock, who, for a very large fee, agrees to give Richard a surgical procedure to make his hair grow back. The next day, Richard wakes up and removes the bandage around his head, and is overjoyed to find that he has a full head of hair. But soon he becomes increasingly sick and fatigued, and finds his hair continuing to grow and, additionally, growing out of parts of his body, where hair does not normally grow. Trying to cut some of the hair off, he finds that it “bleeds”, and, examining some of the hairs under a magnifying glass, sees that they are alive and resemble tiny serpents. He goes back to Dr. Lock for an explanation, but finds himself a prisoner as Dr. Lock explains that he and his entire staff are aliens from another planet, seeking out narcissistic human beings and planting seeds of “hair” to take over their bodies for consumption as part of their plan to spread their essence to Earth. Brent Matthews is a baseball player whose life and career take a turn for the worse when he gets into a serious car accident in which his right eye is gouged out. Unwilling to admit that his career is over, he jumps at the chance to undergo an experimental surgical procedure to replace his eye with one from a recently deceased person. But soon after the surgery he begins to see things out of his new eye that others cannot see, and begins having nightmares of killing women and having sex with them. Brent seeks out the doctor who operated on him, and the doctor tells him that the donor of his new eye was a recently executed serial killer and necrophile who killed several young women, and then had sex with their dead bodies. Brent becomes convinced that the spirit of the dead killer is taking over his body so that he can resume killing women. He flees back to his house and tells his skeptical wife, Cathy, about what is happening. Just then the spirit of the killer emerges and attempts to kill Cathy as well. Cathy fights back, subduing him long enough for Brent to re-emerge. Realizing that it is only a matter of time before the killer emerges again, Brent cuts out his donated eye, severing his link with the killer, but then bleeds to death. Epilogue The coroner is finishing telling his last tale when he hears a noise from outside the morgue. He crawls back inside a body bag, revealing that he himself is a living cadaver, as two other morgue workers begin to go to work on his “John Doe” corpse.

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    • Movie Name    :      Body Bags  (1993)
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Body Bags 720p HD Free Full Movie Download

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