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Rocky Handsome is a Bollywood activity thriller film coordinated by Nishikant Kamat. The movie plots in the midst of Goan town where Kabir “Rocky” Ahlawat (John Abraham) lives a sound life by running a pawn shop. His next door neighbour is Anna whose little daughter is Naomi (Diya Chalwad) who is into stealing profession since her mother is a drug addict and a bar dancer. She develops a sound feeling of care with Rocky and calls him “Handsome” affectionately.Rocky too gets emotional towards Naomi and she frequently eats dinner with Rocky despite her mother’s disapproval. Meanwhile ACP Dilip from Anti Narcotics department wants to clear the drug businesses out of Goa and asks for inputs where he discovers that the main drug kingpin is Mantoo who is the supreme druglord and runs the entire Heroine business in Goa. He is supported by two powerful brothers Kevin and Luke who not only deal with drugs but with mass racquet of Organ Harvesting and they have a professional assassin named Attila who carries the same at Luke/Kevin’s command.

One Night Anna and her accomplice plan to steal drugs from a consignment which is to be handled by Mantoo’s henchmen Bigshow and his local pedlar. They succeed in doing so and Anna hides the drugs in a camera and pawns her to Rocky. The loss of consignment enrages Mantoo and he summons Kevin at his place and humilates him badly and gives him three days to recover the sample consignment. A Humiliated Kevin walk backs and calls his brother Luke to enlist the stolen drugs. Luke and Attila finds the truth and reach Anna’s place where Luke torture anna and finds she had pawned the camera to Rocky. Luke sends Attila to recover the camera wherein he finds that Bigshow and Pedlar were already fighting with Rocky for the possession of the Camera unsuccessfully. Rocky injures bigshow but obliged to handover the camera to Luke when he tells both Naomi and her mother are his captive. Before Leaving Attila shoots bigshow dead to frame Rocky guilty and leaves a cellphone indicating that he will receive a call shortly from his bosses. Rocky gets a call from Kevin to make a delivery to Mantoo in return he will set Anna and Naomi free. Rocky goes to deliver the drugs to Mantoo where he finds that police had already raided Mantoo’s Haven with a tipoff from Kevin. Kevin calls Mantoo and tells that Mantoo is doomed and Kevin is the new druglord of Goa. Mantoo runs away from his hideout and Rocky chases him in that chase he was arrested by police wherein they were shocked to see Anna’s body with all her organs harvested in Rocky’s car. Meanwhile Kevin finds out Mantoo and brutally murders him taking all his organs harvested.

During interrogation Rocky runs away from police station beating all guards out. The police were bewildered by the combat technique of Rocky and finds out that he was a former RAW agent/Special forces (Black ops) soldier with numerous commendations, but he retired after he was wounded and his pregnant wife was murdered by an assassin. Rocky reaches a nightclub after his investigation and beat Pedlar’s body gaurd stabs pedlar dead and fights with Attila. In that combat he was shot by Attila and he gets Critically wounded ,He reaches a medicine shop and breaks the lock and performs an impromptu surgery. Rocky then acquires a gun and continues on his journey

Rocky finds and frees several child slaves in a drug manufacturing plant, in the process killing off the younger of the brothers, Luke with a gas cylinder blast. He tracks down the elder brother, Kevin, at the gang’s condo, where a dozen gang members and Attila are also waiting. Kevin says that he has had Naomi killed and shows a container that has what he says are her eyes. He demands to know what happened to his younger brother, and, in a rage, Rocky kills the gang members bruttally, including Attila and Kevin run away in his bullet-proof car but Rocky stops the same and smashes the frontscreen with multiple bullets and in the procedure shoots down Kevin and finally shoot a bullet onto the leaking oil from the bullet-proof car.

As Rocky prepares to commit suicide out of grief, a scared and dirty Naomi emerges from the darkness. She had been saved by Attila, who took pity on her because she had been kind to him. It is then revealed that the eyes in the container belonged to the gangsters’ surgeon, who had been killed off-camera by Attila. The police allow Rocky and Naomi to ride together after they arrest him, and, while she sleeps, Rocky asks if they can be dropped off at a small convenience store. Rocky buys a backpack along with other school supplies. He tells her that she’s going to be on her own now, as the police have to take him away. Before he goes, he asks her for a hug and breaks down in tears as they embrace.

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    • Movie Name    :      Rocky Handsome (2016)
    • Movie Size       :     698 MB
    • Movie Quality   :    DVDrip HD
    • Movie Type      :     Action, Crime, Thriller

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Rocky Handsome Movie DVDrip HD Free Download Rocky Handsome Movie DVDrip HD Download Rocky Handsome Movie DVDrip HD Free Download
Rocky Handsome Movie DVDrip HD Download Rocky Handsome Movie DVDrip HD Free Download Rocky Handsome Movie DVDrip HD Download
Rocky Handsome Movie DVDrip HD Free Download Rocky Handsome Movie DVDrip HD Download

Rocky Handsome DVDrip HD Free Movie Download

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