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One night, unemployed widower Joseph (Peter Mullan) drunkenly kicks his dog Bluey to death. He buries the dog and goes to the post office, where he mocks some Asian workers then throws a brick through the window when they tell him to leave. At the pub, Joseph attacks two young men playing pool one of whom threatened and mocked him. He then hides in a second-hand shop, where employee Hannah (Olivia Colman) offers to pray for him. That night, Joseph goes to his home and is attacked by the men from the post office. The next morning, Joseph wakes up and goes to the shop, where Hannah looks after him. He begins to berate and insult her, before leaving.Hannah returns home and falls asleep drunk, where her abusive husband James (Eddie Marsan) urinates on her. The next morning, Joseph apologises and slowly befriends Hannah. One day, she comes to the shop with a black eye and claims to have fallen in the bath. He asks her to pray for his best friend Jack (Robin Butler), who is dying of cancer. A few days later, Jack dies. James goes to the shop and finds them preparing for the funeral, where he silently threatens Hannah and Joseph. Joseph realises that James is beating Hannah and confronts her about the beatings. She constantly denies it.

One night, Hannah gets drunk and James comes to take her home. He hits her and she begins to mock him. She tries to compose herself in the bedroom, when James arrives, he beats and rapes her. Hannah tells Joseph that she is leaving James and asks to stay with him. After a few days, Joseph tells her that she is not safe with him and suggests she leave. Joseph decides to confront James and goes to her house, where he finds she had stabbed James to death, presumably after the rape. He confronts Hannah and admits that he knows about the murder. She breaks down and reveals that James mutilated her reproductive system with a glass bottle and that she just wanted to be a mother.

A year later, Joseph prepares to visit Hannah in jail. It is revealed that his best friend, 6-year-old neighbor Samuel (Samuel Bottomley), was mauled by his mother’s boyfriend’s dog. In retaliation, Joseph beheaded the dog with a machete for which he spent a few months in jail. After leaving jail, he quit drinking. The movie ends with Joseph walking down a path after visiting Hannah who is in prison herself for James’s killing.

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Tyrannosaur 2011 Movie 720p HD Free Download 

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    • Movie Name    :     Tyrannosaur (2011)
    • Movie Size       :     631 MB
    • Movie Quality   :    720p HD
    • Movie Type      :     Drama

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Tyrannosaur Movie 720p HD Free Download

Tyrannosaur 2011 720p HD Free Full Movie Download

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